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One Month Subscription

One Month Subscription

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You love tea, but you have a million things to do. Let's face it - your memory may not always be that fantastic either. 

Rather than waiting until your tea supply runs dry and you're left with an empty cup and a sad face, buy one of our Subscription Bundles to have your tea automatically sent to your address each month!

There are LIMITED BOXES available each month, so make sure to get yours before they run out!


Why Rooibos Tea Blends? 

  • They are caffeine free using organic ingredients
  • Naturally sweet without additional flavourings or sugars
  • Beautiful hot or cold
  • Fantastic way to get you through a sugar detox!


If you'd like to test drive our Subscription Service, the One Month Subscription is the pack for you. 

Each mixed pack includes:

One 50g pack, one 30g pack and a Sampler Pack of Delicious Rooibos Tea Blends from our range to have you covered, as well as a new surprise gift each month.

That's more than 40 cups of tea! 

Purchasing this pack means that you will be sent One box of Tea, after which you will need to buy another pack to ensure your tea keeps on coming. 


*** Please note that our Subscription Service is currently only available for Australian residents and INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING!