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Tea that's created with love.

(It's actually our secret sauce.)  

Our mission: to provide the experience of comfort and self-indulgence through the joy of a warm cup of tea, while staying eco-friendly for the betterment of our community.

The story behind our name...

De Oliveira Tea House was inspired by a man named Eugene de Oliveira. 

He was a beautiful, intelligent, creative and warm hearted man who lit up any room he was in. An instant friend to many, he had a wealth of knowledge that meant you'd a;ways be learning something new.

Forever dreaming, Eugene had so many schemes up his sleeve it was enough to keep anyone busy for a lifetime. 


De Oliveira Tea House


Our family tragically lost Eugene on May 27th, 2019, a few weeks after his 27th birthday.

While we no longer have the blessing of having him around physically, we have the gift of his presence and his vision for the future.

Each tea we blend and package is full of love, devotion and hope.

We dreamt that through these teas, we could give our customers the same warm comfort Eugene gave us. We want to create a legacy he'd be proud to lend his name to. 

Feel good...naturally

We use only organic ingredients in our teas.

We believe the more natural, the better. Being organic means the plants aren't exposed to synthetic or toxic substances, so fewer chemicals are being introduced into your body and the environment. 

We choose to create our teas using only premium, organic ingredients in small, handcrafted batches. We're currently in the process of applying to have our products Certified as Organic. 

Feel good...about your impact.

We're environmentally conscious each step of the way.

Because of our commitment to the planet and our neighbours, we're very conscious of our environmental impact. 

Our tea is packaged in oxo-degradable pouches, which is partially made from renewable wood pulp starch. These bags are tested with USA ASTM D-6868 and D-6400 standard and it confirms that the wood pulp starch component of these bags can be composted in approximately 85 days. 

While no company can be perfect, we continuously review our environmental impact and what we can do to improve it. 

Feel good...about giving back.

We're helping communities through Kiva Loans.

Kiva is an international non-profit organisation that believes "Dreams are universal, opportunities are not."

They have a mission to give those in under served communities access to financial services. Kiva achieves this through crowdfunding loans fulfilled by passionate people who believe in breaking down barriers and making this possible. 

In honour of Eugene's never ending business ideas and empathy for those in under privileged situations, De Oliveira Tea House is committed to investing $1 from every packet of tea sold, into Kiva Loans.

To be able to see the work we're doing, you can follow our progress here. By helping one person, we create a ripple effect that continues to help others as well. Eugene made such a ripple in many lives, and through your support, we can make sure that ripple never stops. 

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